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Our Estate Line

At The Jewelry Source we provide a wide variety of unique Estate jewelry, changing almost weekly!

Call for availability and pricing!

Custom Jewelry

for you & your loved ones

Did you know you could purchase an estate diamond for a fraction of the price of a new diamond? This means you could save a substantial amount of money OR  get a much bigger look for your budget! Purchasing loose estate diamonds is becoming more and more popular when people are looking to purchase an engagement ring for their forever person!  

Here at The Jewelry Source we appreciate the designs of the past and use them as inspiration for new designs! We hand pick all our estate items with our customers in mind. We also have an estate buyer who comes every Saturday from 10 AM until 11:00 AM to evaluate and buy jewelry. Interested in seeing some of the most beautiful designs of the past or selling your old jewelry? Come in today! 

Our Estate Line & Buyer

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