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Custom Jewelry

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Create something different!

From an old tennis bracelet to the engagement set of her dreams. One customer takes her old unused jewelry and creates something beautiful for half the cost of buying a similar piece new! Click through to see the finished piece! Want to create something you will wear for a lifetime that only you have? Contact us today! 





She said yes!

Customers often come to us with stones and an idea or occasion. Our custom team works directly with our customers to build a unique piece of jewelry around that stone. Here are two examples of the work that goes into creating these pieces! From the idea, to the mold (green wax ring), to the finished ring, our customer gets to be apart of every step! 

Refresh your look

Using her original engagement ring and all the the gold from it, as well as some of her unused jewelry, this customer worked directly with our design team to create this one-of-a-kind piece on a budget. This two toned, diamond engagement set highlights what she loved about her original ring while incorporating a new look!

She had a vision...

When we say "you dream it , we create it," we mean it! This customer came in with a vision of the perfect earrings for a special occasion & we worked directly with her every step of the way to bring her vision to life. 


A perfect fit

Finding a matching wedding band is the last of our customer worries here at The Jewelry Source! We work with one of the best casters in Berks County in order to create the perfect match for any engagement ring! First we create a mold, using wax (shown in green) of the precise fit for your engagement ring, then we fill that mold with the metal of your choosing and finally set any stones to give you a ring made only for you! This allows our customers to explore more options to enjoy for a lifetime!


"Ruth is creative, engaging, and a honest business woman. She is the ONLY jeweler I would trust with my jewelry! Ruth's staff is friendly and well trained, including Max the four legged sales associate. I would highly recommend going to The Jewelry Source for any jewelry purchase; especially if you are looking for a one of a kind piece at a reasonable price!" -MLH


Located on 222 in a strip mall between Dunkin' Donuts and CVS! 

Address: 8468 Allentown Pike, Blandon, PA 19510

Hours: Tuesday - Friday 10:00-5:30pm

               Saturday 10:00-3:00pm

Phone: 610-926-3999



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Tourmaline and Diamond Custom Pendant

This beautiful custom pendant was once a vintage wind-up watch. By removing the watch parts, and replacing the center with a Tourmaline, a new time-less piece was created.